Balding Clipper™ Corded

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Professional Corded Balding Clipper

The 5 Star Balding Clipper is a barbershop must-have. With a powerful electromagnetic motor that cuts twice the speed of pivot motors, the 5 Star Balding Clipper offers barbers and stylists a surgical

Key Features


  • Professional V5000 vibrator motor
  • specifically for balding hair
  • “0” OVERLAP
  • NULL

Pin Type Recommendation

2pin: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Lebonan, Jordan

3pin: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman

SASO 3pin: Saudi Arabia

What’s in the Box?

Balding Clipper
2 attachment combs (#0.5 and 1.5)
Blade guard
Barber comb
Pre-shave brush
Blade oil
Cleaning brush
Instruction booklet


The Wahl Balding Clipper were originally designed by Wahl to give African American men a tool that could give them the close fades and all-over shaves they were looking for.

It comes with a specially designed blade that is set to zero overlap for achieving the balding effect on all cuts.

The Balding's blades are fine-toothed with zero overlap and made from surgical quality steel plated with rust-resistant chrome.

It also has a 2.4-metre cable that gives you plenty of freedom of movement while you clip. Features a powerful heavy duty V5000 motor for durability and longevity.


In order to ensure that you get the life and performance out of your clipper or trimmer, we recommend regular oiling.

  • Blades should be oiled after cleaning with our Hygienic spray.
  • Clippers should be oiled with our Blade Oil after each use.
  • Trimmers should be oiled once a day or after several usages.


The Balding Clipper is perfect for:

  • Full Head Balding
  • Zero Overlap Side Balding
  • Seamless Side Blending


With fine toothed surgical chrome blades, this clipper by Wahl® never fails to amaze you with its performance. Moreover, these surgical blades stay sharper for a longer time providing you with exceptional results.


Equipped with an electromagnetic motor, this clipper ensures a high performance while working for long operational hours. Designed specifically for hair, Wahl® Balding Clipper gives the performance desired by the experts.

More Information
Cutting Length0.4 mm
Power TypeBattery
Cutting Width40 mm
Run TimeContinuous operation
Blade setfixed, “0” Overlap, Chrome Blade