Professional Barber Trimmers: Beret Cordless vs 5-Star Detailer Li

As a professional barber or hairdresser in Singapore, it is of utmost importance that you have a reliable pair of trimmers always at the ready for all your additional detailing and hair clean-up needs. While hair clippers may be akin to the bread and butter of the barbering trade, professional hair trimmers are, likewise, essential barber shop tools in Singapore, and must-haves for any salon looking to give their best to their customers. 

Today, we will be looking at two of the most renowned professional cordless trimmers used by barbers, namely Wahl’s Beret Cordless and 5-Star Detailer Li. Below are some categories of comparison through which we can get a better gauge on how the two barber trimmers square up against one another: 

Barber Trimmer Blade

The two from Wahl’s collection of professional cordless trimmers each uses a different trimmer blade to fulfil distinct purposes.

The Beret Cordless — as its name suggests — features a trimmer blade called the beret, which is an extremely fine blade with a 0.4mm cutting length and 32.5mm cutting width. Featuring short, thin teeth, the beret blade is ideal for close lining and edging. It is also the ideal trimmer blade for use on looser skin, as its finer teeth allow for less irritation. Perfect for achieving precision lines, the beret trimmer blade makes for a great choice when working on fine to medium hair. Furthermore, it is also chrome-plated and detachable to make for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

On the flipside, the 5-Star Detailer Li utilises a thin, T-wide trimmer blade with a 0.4mm cutting length and a 40.6mm cutting width. The 5-Star T-wide trimmer blade is ideal for sharp outlines, shape-ups and artwork, with extra teeth that also makes it easier for barbers to trim in harder-to-reach areas. Perfect for achieving clean, crisp lines, the 5-Star Detailer Li’s T-wide trimmer blade makes for a great choice for any professional barber or hairdresser. To top things off, the 5-Star T-wide trimmer blade can also be adjusted to zero overlap such that barbers can cut closer to the skin for ultra-close finishes, making the 5-Star Detailer Li well-suited for hair tattoos and design detailing

Hair Trimmer Motor

The Beret Cordless utilises a rotary motor capable of achieving 5,000 strokes per minute; these barber trimmers are made for quieter operation, such that they are suitable trimmers that can be used by barbers even when servicing younger children. 

The 5-Star Detailer Li uses a rotary motor as well, albeit one that is capable of achieving 6,000 strokes per minute such that barbers can make easy work of trimming through coarser hair. 

Both of Wahl’s cordless barber trimmers are designed to be lightweight for greater manoeuvrability, weighing in at about 118g each. 

Battery Run and Charge Time

When looking for a set of professional cordless trimmers, most look to battery run and charge times as indicators of trimmer quality and viability in the salon. However, with Wahl’s cordless trimmers, professional barbers and hairdressers can easily avoid downtime by simply plugging in a cord to their Wahl cordless hair trimmers whenever the batteries run out of energy. 

But with that being said, we also understand that longer run times and shorter charging times are still nice to have in your cordless trimmers. In this regard, the 5-Star Detailer Li wins out over its counterpart, with a run time of 100 minutes and a battery charge time of only 45 minutes. The Beret Cordless, on the other hand, runs for 75 minutes off each 60-minute charge. Both trimmers come with a charging dock included.

Retail Price

The 5-Star Detailer Li has a retail price of S$179, while the Beret Cordless is priced a little lower at S$132. 

Get Your Professional Barber Trimmers from Wahl Singapore Today

A quick comparison of Wahl’s professional cordless hair trimmers:

  Beret Cordless 5-Star Detailer Li
Clipper Blade Beret Trimmer Blade 5-Star T-Wide Trimmer Blade
Cutting Length 0.4mm 0.4mm
Cutting Width 32.5mm 40.6mm
Battery Run Time 75 mins 100 mins
Battery Charge Time 60 mins 45 mins
Strokes Per Minute 5,000 6,000
Weight 118g 118g
USPs Slim & Quiet; Ideal for Close Lining & Edging Zero-Overlap Capable; Ideal for Sharp Outlines & Shape-Ups
Retail Price S$132 S$179

Whichever cordless trimmer you decide to get at the end of the day, you can rest assured that it is of the highest quality and make knowing that you are buying from Wahl Singapore. Shop our full line-up of professional barber shop tools today and find the perfect professional hair trimmers for your salon and other essential barber supplies.

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