Must-Have Tools for Every Barber Shop and Hairdresser

Every successful professional in the barbering industry knows this: the right tools are essential to the trade. Even with an abundance of experience and technical skills, no barber can deliver a truly flawless haircut without the right set of professional clippers, trimmers and other professional equipment. Having the right barber shop tools and hairdresser supplies can make a world of difference in end-results. You’ll also be able to work faster and with greater ease, at no expense of quality whatsoever. 

So, here are some must-have professional tools for every barber shop and hair salon: 

Professional Hair Clippers

Professional hair clippers are the bread and butter of the barbering industry. Whether it’s for tapering, blending, fading, or bulk hair removal, a good set of professional hair clippers is crucial. Make sure your barber shop or hairdresser is equipped with all kinds of barber clippers such that you’ll face no problems delivering the cuts your customers want. 

For example, having a Super Taper Cordless means you can taper with ease, and the clippers’ adjustable taper lever allows for variable taper lengths, too. However, for blending, what you’ll need is the 5-Star Magic Clip Cordless, which comes with a stagger-tooth blade that’s perfect for blending and creating texture. Then, there’s also fading, where the 5-Star Legend Corded stands out for soft-line fades, and the 5-Star Senior Cordless for precision fades.

Professional Hair Trimmers

The next barber shop essential tool is a set of professional hair trimmers. Hair trimmers are an important part of a professional’s tool kit as they allow you to perform more precise, detailed cuts with greater accuracy and ease. Case in point, it’s near impossible to achieve the same results for a hair tattoo when using clippers in place of trimmers. Furthermore, professional trimmers are also extremely handy for beard shaping as well. 

Like hair clippers, professional hair trimmers have unique functions that come with each blade type. To illustrate, the Beret Cordless is great for close-lining and edging, while the Detailer Li Cordless and 5-Star Detailer T-Wide Corded are more suitable for sharp outlines and shape-ups in hair work. Having a mixture of trimmers is ideal for barber shops and hair salons, though, for starters, you can stock up on the one you need more and further expand your tool kit as your barber business grows. 

Guide Combs and Cutting Combs

Guide combs and cutting combs are barber shop necessities as well, and should never be left out on any hairdresser tool or supply list. While each professional clipper from Wahl comes with a set of guide combs, it never hurts to have some spares on hand. 

At Wahl, we offer 8-pack color-coded attachment combs that come in a convenient organiser stand for easy distinction when you’re busy cutting hair, and 8-pack premium attachment combs that are made with engineering-grade material for extra durability. We also have 12-pack cutting combs that are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hands and for clipper-over-comb work.

Finishing Tool

A finishing tool that can cut closer to the skin than standard razors are another must-have for barber shops and hairdressers in Singapore. Finishing tools and supplies such as the Wahl 5-Star Finale Shaver Cordless can help you clean up hair and neck lines, eliminate stray hairs, and perform bump-free shaving for that ultra-close finish.  

Spray Bottle

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself needing to wet the hair before you work on it. In this regard, the spray bottle can help you evenly distribute the water flow on the hair such that you get the desired wetness you need while not putting your customer in any discomfort whatsoever. Whether you use plain tap water, nutrient-spiked hair sprays, or tonic water, a spray bottle is an essential tool you’ll need in your barber shop.  

Blade Oil, Coolant, Lubricant, and Cleaner

Maintenance tools and supplies such as blade oil, coolant, lubricant, and cleaner are also items you’ll need to have at your barber shop or hair salon in Singapore. Not only will proper blade maintenance ensure that your barber clippers and trimmers have increased longevity, it also ensures safety and hygiene — two prerequisites needed to set a strong foundation for any successful business in the service industry. 

Stock up on Wahl blade oil, and our three-in-one Blade Ice clipper blade coolant, lubricant, and cleaner.

Capes, Towels and Cleaning Brushes

As mentioned above, cleanliness is extremely important when it comes to professional grooming. The last thing you want is to have hair clippings and the likes all over your customers. So, to prevent this from happening, you’ll need to get yourself some haircutting capes, towels, and cleaning brushes to give your clients a clean cut paired with a clean, enjoyable experience. 

Get the Best Barber Shop Tools and Hairdresser Supplies with Wahl

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