Learning to Recommend Suitable Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Honing your skills and having all the right tools are important for professional barbers and hair stylists in Singapore. However, running a barber shop or hairdresser business also means that you must acquaint yourself well with how you can best service each customer that walks through the door.

One of the most important aspects in this particular regard is having the capability to help your customer find the right haircut for them. This means being able to recommend suitable hairstyles for different face shapes to ensure that every customer you service is satisfied with their new look.

To do this proficiently, it helps to understand the different face shapes — how they differ from one another, which hairstyles suit each one best, and how you can utilise your barber shop tools and hair supplies to achieve those looks when needed.

The six main male face shapes are: round, rectangle, oval, square, heart and diamond . Each shape requires careful consideration when selecting a style as the wrong cut can detract from a man’s natural features and make him appear older than he is or put his features out of balance.

Here are some tips on recommended hairstyles for different face shapes to help you better discern what haircuts you can suggest to please your customers when they ask for advice:

Round-Shaped Faces

The goal with round faces is to create an illusion of length rather than width. Professional barbers and hairdressers should thus leverage their tools and supplies to create cuts and hairstyles with layers or side-swept fringes that can help elongate the face. Recommended haircuts for this face shape include a short length mod cut, a classic quiff with razor part, the pompadour, and a medium-length cut with choppy layers. 

Rectangle-Shaped Faces

The key here is to add fullness while creating width at the temples to make the face appear more oval in proportions. Cuts with fringes are perfect for long face shapes as they help draw attention away from the length of the face. Recommended hairstyles for customers with long face shapes include a slicked-back undercut, any adaptation of the quiff, or a messy bedhead look.

Oval-Shaped Faces

Oval faces tend to be extremely well-balanced. You should aim to maintain that balance by avoiding cuts which add too much volume or detract from the face’s natural shape. A good barber can get creative with their clippers and other professional tools as almost any hairstyle can suit oval face shapes. Customers with such facial structure make great opportunities to demonstrate your skills and creativity as a seasoned hair professional, and let the results speak for the reputation of your barber shop or hairdresser business in Singapore. Recommended hairstyles include a buzzcut, a textured crop, and a side part fade.

Square-Shaped Faces

Square face shapes are often seen as strong and masculine, so barbers should look for cuts which soften the face’s angles whilst maintaining its defined structure. Recommended looks for customers with square face shapes include hairstyles featuring an angular fringe, an undercut with comma fringe, or a high skin fade with some texture on top.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces need to be softened at the forehead in order to achieve a more balanced look. To do this, barbers can choose hairstyles that feature more length around the cheekbones and jawline such as a side part, comb over, quiff or more natural-looking scissor cuts featuring longer layers.

Diamond-Shaped Faces

As this is the rarest face shape, it is normal for barbers and hairdressers to struggle a little when figuring out what to do with their tools and supplies when met with customers with diamond-shaped faces. Do not fret. Instead, simply look for hairstyles that contrast with the face’s sharp angles and wider forehead. Short cuts like a buzz or crew cut work exceptionally well, as do longer styles such as a textured fringe, comb over, or side part.

Become the Best Barber You Can Be with Wahl Singapore

By understanding the different face shapes and utilising the right barber shop tools and supplies, barbers in Singapore can help customers achieve the perfect hairstyle to suit their face shapes. With the ability to discern what hairstyle may suit a certain face shape best, the results are then left to knowing which techniques to use and how to use them effectively.

Of course, be sure to also equip yourself with the professional equipment you need — from hair clippers to hair trimmers, shavers, and other hair supplies, we have it all and more here at Wahl Singapore. Shop our store online or visit any of our professional distributors, and make use of our library of resources to learn everything you need to know about being a professional barber.

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