Corded vs Cordless Professional Hair Clippers: Which is Better?

Whether you’re an apprentice barber or an established hairdresser in Singapore, choosing between corded and cordless hair clippers and trimmers is a decision that is unavoidable as a professional. After all, you’ll need the right tools and supplies to deliver high quality cuts and good hair service. 

At first glance, the difference between corded and cordless clippers seems to be obvious: one has a cord and one doesn’t, period. But there are intricate differences to each that go beyond that. At Wahl, we supply hair professionals with not just the best clippers and trimmers in the market, but also guides and tips that help barbers worldwide master the art of their craft. 

Here are some things you should look out for when deciding between corded and cordless clippers for professional use:


Cordless hair clippers enable professionals to have unrestricted freedom of movement unrestrained by a cord. This added manoeuvrability is extremely valuable when cutting hair at different angles. Using a cordless clipper or trimmer empowers professionals to deliver cuts with unparalleled detail with ease and accuracy, even in harder-to-reach areas. 

On the other hand, using corded clippers and trimmers means that you’ll need to constantly pay attention to the length of your lead, and work around its inherent restrictions to your movement when cutting hair. 

Flow of Power

There is a common misconception amongst many hair professionals in both Singapore and beyond that cordless hair clippers are less powerful than corded ones. This is untrue. Cordless clippers can be just as powerful as corded ones, and Wahl cordless clippers can even be plugged into a power source to supply uninterrupted flows of power when the batteries run out of charge.  

If, however, you’re looking for something outside the Wahl line that can offer continuous full flows of power throughout entire cuts, corded hair clippers—such as the 5-Star Legend Corded Clipper—are likely more suitable choices. 


Another important factor to look out for when deciding between a corded and cordless hair clipper is the weight of the tool. For those who prefer a lightweight clipper for their work, cordless hair clippers are often the lighter option of the two. For example, Wahl’s Super Taper Corded weighs 648g, while the Super Taper Cordless weighs only 288g.

With that being said, not all professionals like their tools lightweight, and some may find that the added weight in heavier hair clippers feels better in their hands, which in turn aids them in their work. If you’re one such person, then corded hair clippers may be the better option for you.


Corded hair clippers are a little more susceptible to wear-and-tear as their power cords can get damaged over time, especially with improper coiling. To increase longevity of your corded hair clippers, try to always allow the cord to hang naturally and avoid twisting or coiling it for the sake of tidy storage. 

Regardless of whether your hair clipper is corded or cordless, make sure you do the required maintenance work to extend the lifespan of your professional clippers. Download our barber tool care guide for more information

Shop Wahl for the Best Clippers and Trimmers 

Whichever you end up going with, Wahl has got you covered with our esteemed line-up of professional hair clippers and trimmers.  

Wahl has over 100 years of experience and expertise in making the best barber tools and supplies. With Wahl, you can rest assured that the hair clippers and trimmers you get in Singapore are the best in the world, for all your professional needs. 

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