3 Ways to Grow Your Barber Shop Business in Singapore

Running a successful barber shop business in Singapore takes more than being a talented barber. It also requires business acumen, effective marketing strategies, and the best tools of the trade. If you’re looking to turn your barber shop or hairdresser salon into a lucrative source of income, here are 3 ways you can start: 

1. Specialise and Stick to It

As a hair professional, it’s important that you identify your target customer and cater to their specific needs. Yes, everybody needs their hair cut, but there are tons of other barber shops and hairdressers out there that offer generic hair services at cut-throat prices. Competition within this sector of men’s grooming can be tough and extremely challenging to overcome without the right strategy. 

However, with so many different demographic groups in Singapore requiring professional hair services, you can easily find a niche to build your barber shop brand around. A strong brand gives you the ability to attract and retain customers that appreciate what you do and are willing to pay more for your specialised services. And these specialised services can be just about anything: from being kid-friendly to focusing on certain types of cuts or styles — your imagination is the limit!

Then, once you’ve decided on your niche, surround all your business operations and processes around it. This means designing and decorating your barber shop or hairdresser salon to suit their tastes and preferences, stocking up on appropriate tools and supplies, and building a portfolio of end-results with regards to the hair cuts and styles that are widely sought after by your target customers. 

2. Introduce a Loyalty Programme

Secondly, to edge out over competitors in Singapore’s competitive men’s grooming industry, you must have a high volume of good customer reviews. As a business, your reputation will always precede you. Having good reviews will fuel a positive business reputation, which will help grow your barber shop clientele. 

A perfect way to go about collecting reviews is to introduce a loyalty programme that rewards customers for leaving you a review and tie-in exclusive promotions such as $5 off their next cut for best results. Garnering reviews from your customers can also foster customer loyalty, as your efforts in soliciting feedback shows your customers that you care about their experience. 

Furthermore, loyalty programmes incentivise customers to return back to your barber shop or hair salon whenever they need a fresh cut. This not only bolsters repeated revenue, but enhances your credibility as well, making it more likely that you’ll attract new customers via both a robust portfolio of reviews and natural ambassadors of your brand groomed through your loyalty programme. 

3. Stock the Best Tools and Supplies 

Lastly, make sure you stock the best tools and supplies in your barber shop or hairdresser salon. Not only will you need them to deliver the best hair services possible, but having tools and supplies that are renowned for their quality will also give customers a sense of assurance — an especially important aspect of first impressions and customer acquisition in Singapore’s men’s grooming industry. 

In this regard, Wahl’s line of professional hair clippers and trimmers are known worldwide for their quality and reliability, and are often considered must-haves when running a barber shop business in Singapore. 

You can also offer complimentary products for sale that are otherwise unattainable at bigger retailers. You can make a healthy profit from the mark-up alone, and being the only place your customers can conveniently get these supplies from will keep them coming back to your barber shop or hairdresser salon for more. 

Perfect Your Professionalism with Wahl

Wahl has over 100 years of experience and expertise in making the best tools and supplies for barbers and hairdressers worldwide. With Wahl, you can rest assured that the hair clippers and trimmers you get are the best in the world, for all your professional needs. Shop Wahl today.

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