3 Innovative Barber Solutions for 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic and its entailed lockdown measures have spurred many barber shops in Singapore to re-evaluate their plan of business. While sticking to certain traditional roots can certainly deliver meaningful value, there are also areas within Singapore’s men’s grooming industry in which change is much overdue. 

While barber shop tools and hairdresser supplies have always evolved with the times — such as with Wahl’s innovative line of professional clippers and hair trimmers — the barbering industry as a whole has remained relatively stagnant in terms of innovative business solutions outside niche specialisation and the likes. 

However, barbers and hairdressers who seek greater success will have to infuse traditional roots with technology and innovation if they want to gain a competitive edge and stand above their peers. Here are three innovative barber solutions that can help enhance your barber business in 2022: 

1. Online Bookings

Keeping your reservations in an orderly manner can be difficult if you’re experiencing rampant growth. Giving your customers the option to engage in online booking can eliminate the risk of human-error in your reservation scheduling. However, it’s not just about maintaining a proper schedule when it comes to providing online bookings; adopting an online booking system for your barber shop in Singapore holds many unique benefits that can help boost business, such as:

  • 24-hour availability for appointment scheduling
  • Transaction security through verified online payment tools
  • Cost- and time-savings from automated appointment scheduling
  • Facilitation of easier feedback collection and garnering of reviews
  • More accurate forecasting of day-to-day income and service durations
  • Opportunity for social media integration with online booking system to push promotional content

2. Live Queue Boards 

While a busy barber shop is often a good sign, having both a crowd and a queue can deter potential walk-in customers from engaging your services. It can be difficult for the layperson to gauge how fast their turn will come if they choose to join the queue, and they may simply walk away to frequent a less crowded barber shop instead. However, with the help of a live queue board, walk-in customers can have a transparent overview of which of your barbers are available at what time of the day, and proceed to make a quick booking and go about their own business before returning at the allotted time. This simple yet effective tool can significantly boost top-line revenues for your barber shop by ensuring that both your peak and non-peak opening hours are optimally leveraged. 

3. CRM Systems

CRM systems are business tools used in many customer-centric businesses to facilitate effective client interaction, and can greatly aid barber shops and hairdresser salons in Singapore with regards to enhancement of daily routine processes. Using the right salon business software can free up your time from mundane, repetitive processes to focus on where your skill can best translate into profit: giving hair cuts and running your barber shop business. The right CRM system can help you:

  • Eliminate the need for paperwork and constant calls
  • Lighten administrative workload through intelligent scheduling
  • Better attend to stock management for hair supplies and more
  • Make better business decisions with provided data collection and analyses

Stock Up on Innovative Barber Shop Tools with Wahl

Implementing these innovative barber solutions can help cement success for your barber shop business, but can also mean little to nothing without the foundational cornerstones of great service, impeccable barbering techniques, and the right set of barber shop tools and hairdresser supplies. 

At Wahl, we have you completely covered for all three of these cornerstones. 

For the lattermost, our professional hair clippers have been historically known to be the best in the market. Check out our corded hair clippers and cordless hair clippers. As for the foremost, follow our monthly blogs to find out more on how you can improve your barber shop business in Singapore.

Which leaves us with barbering techniques. 

Keep a keen eye out for Wahl Academy classes coming your way, and be sure to check out our Legend of Barbers competition that’s happening this year for the very first time in Southeast Asia. Read more about the competition details here. 

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